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 The format of tournament and the length of games will be determined by the number of teams in each bracket. In principle, all teams are guaranteed at least three games not including the finals competition.

IRB rules as interpreted by the referees will be in effect for all games. All scrums will be contested unless at the referee’s discretion they are deemed unsafe, at which time uncontested scrums will be adopted. All decisions by the referees are final.

All teams are expected to be on the pitch and ready to play at the time of their match. Any team that is not ready within 5 minutes of the scheduled time of their match will forfeit that match by a score of 7-0.

All teams will submit their rosters either before arriving in Aspen or at least one hour before they take the pitch for their first match at the registration tent located on the Wagner Park pitch. The registration tent is open on Wednesday evening, 9am to 5pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

 Rosters will contain the following information: The names of all the players along with some proof of their ages in all brackets except in the open divisions.

 No player may play for more than one team in any given bracket. Violation of this rule will result in the disqualification of the additional team for which that player competes. Teams who use players, not on their submitted rosters or players whose age does not qualify them to play in the age group of their bracket, will be disqualified from the competition.

A player qualifies to play in an age bracket if he is within one year of the age of that bracket. Someone 34 or over does qualify for the Masters competition. Someone 44 or over qualifies for the 45s, etc.

 ROSTER sizes are as follows:

  • Open Division teams are limited to 35 players. For any match 23 may suit up and be available for play. Substitutions are limited to 8 per game
  • Masters Division teams are limited to 40 players. For any game 32 may be suited up. All suited players are available as substitutions.
  • 55s, 50s, 55s are limited to 40 man rosters. All may suit up and be available to play

GAME PROTESTS regarding rosters must be made and presented to the referee before the kick off so that the accused team, if guilty, has a chance to rectify any roster issue. Other protests must be made before to the referee before he or she leaves the field of play. The referee will consult with the Tournament Committee (the Tournament Director and the Referee Coordinator) and a decision will be made. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee are final and binding. Teams failing to heed to these decisions face automatic disqualification from the tournament effective immediately.

YELLOW CARD violations will be determined by the referee and the length of banishment will depend on the length of the game in which it occurs and communicate to the captains by the referee before the match starts. RED CARD violations where a player is sent off the field for game misconduct may mean disqualification of that player from the rest of the tournament. The Tournament Committee along with the match referee will make the final decision as to the player’s availability to compete is subsequent matches.

SUBSTITUTIONS: In the open Divisions, any player substituted for may not return to the game unless he has been removed for blood injury. He or she may however play in any subsequent games. Any player suspected of having a concussion will be evaluated by the attending professional medical staff who will determine whether that player can return to that match or play in any other subsequent ones.  Concussion protocols will be enforced for all matches

In the Old Boy Divisions, players substituted for may return to play; the frequency and timing of substitutions will be determined by the referee and captains before the match starts.


 Final standings will be determined within a Pool Play before standings are finalized within a Division.

  1. Final standings are based on a team’s record within a pool and division. If this results in a tie between teams, then the following calculations will determine the placement in the standing
  2. Point differential in all matches played
  3. Total tries scored in all matches
  4. Total converted tries in all matches
  5. Head to head scores between common opponents
  6. Coin Toss


For all matches in the advanced elimination rounds, the same tiebreaker system will be employed except for the Finals where two sudden death overtime periods will be played before moving on to a field goal competition starting at the 10-meter line and moving successively away from the posts in five yard increments. Each team may nominate one player, that had participated in the game to do the placekicking.

ON AND OFF THE FIELD sportsman like conduct is expected from all participants and fans. Any behavior that contaminates the congenial atmosphere of the event will not be tolerated.

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