Wagner Park 2-2
Aspen Ruggerfest utilizes two fields in the center of Aspen for all of its games.  We strive to have between 32 and 40 Teams with the following mix, but this is subject to change depending on the interest in any given year:

8 Men’s
6 Masters
6 45s
6 50s
4 55s
4 Women’s
4 College

Registration Fees for online payment: $550 plus a $20 processing fee for the first team. If a club enters more than one team the price  for all teams entered from that club drops to $500 plus a $20 processing fee for each credit card transaction.

Early Bird Special: if your team registers before May 1, 2019, entry fees will be only $450 for the first team and $425 for any others.

Non-refundable Deposit: There is also an option to pay a $200 non-refundable deposit for each team (+ $20 processing fee per credit card transaction).  If  you choose this option below you will receive an email from us on July 1 with an invoice  for the balance plus a $20 processing fee that will be payable on or before July 15.

Please fill out form below completely whether paying with credit card or check.

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Please make check payment to:

Aspen Ruggerfest
PO Box 4099
Aspen, CO 81612


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For more information please use contact form, call us at (225) 413-7505, or email us at