Aspen Ruggerfest 53 – 2021 UPDATE

Planning for Ruggerfest 53 – 2021 at Wagner Rugby Stadium and Rio Grande field in Aspen is moving along at a brisk pace and we look forward to seeing everyone in person September 23rd – 26th, 2021.

As we all know the last 18 months have been a test of our great nation and now that we’ve passed through it, we look forward to a fully stacked Ruggerfest! I cannot wait to see all my rugby friends and comrades from around the world.

We have made some changes to the divisions which are outlined as follows.
Open Division
College / U23
Women’s Division
40s (no longer a 35s)
50s (no longer a 45s)

The days the Divisions will be playing has been posted on the website, and I am sure will be communicated on social media and of course the ever-present rumor mill!

There is a great deal of interest in the tournament this year, so we advise you to register early to ensure your place in the competition.

There is an Accommodations link on the website as well as other important information and contacts.

Kind Regards,
John Staub
Aspen Ruggerfest Director