Invites Sent

Ruggerfest invites have been sent out for this year’s 49th annual Ruggerfest. Invites were sent to over 200 clubs from North America, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Within  North America invites went out to clubs in all the major unions across the United States and Canada. Many of these clubs have women’s sides and this year Ruggerfest is looking to expand the women’s competition that it restarted last year after a 10 year hiatus.

The Dark and stormy Misfits, a select touring side who won the Old Boys last year and lost in the Men’s open division have said that they are planning to bring four sides this year: men’s, women’s , masters, and over 45s (Cronies).

The deadline for registering this year is July 1. Clubs can register online by clicking the ‘Registration’ button on the home page, and  all necessary documentation to enter the tournament can be downloaded  by going to the “Rules and Documentation” tab under the menu item ‘Tournament Info’ .