Aspen Ruggerfest 49 Invites


Invitations to the 49th annual Aspen Ruggerfest are to go out during the second week of March. If your club did not received one and it is interested in coming to the tournament please fill out the contact form on or send an email to to request one. The initial invites will be sent to some 150 clubs in the United States and another 100 invites have been sent to clubs overseas in the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, England, Japan, Argentina and South Africa.

In most years teams from abroad do come to Aspen to play. Last year was the first in many that a foreign team did not participate. Last year the Rugby World cup was held in England and Wales and many teams opted to go on tours to follow their national sides’ campaigns.

Registration for Ruggerfest opens on March 8 and will close on July 1. All teams must be paid up in full by July 1. Teams should fill out the registration form on the website and pay via credit card or send a check by US mail to the address posted on the website registration page