Expose Yourself

The new Eagle coach John Mitchell wrote an article for ESPN UK about his first impressions of his United States rugby experience midway in the inaugural year of the American Rugby Championship (ARC) . In the article he point writes:

“What I’ve discovered is that there is great diversity between east to west and north to south. There are contrasting styles between the coasts stateside, and it’s a long way to the middle of the country. On the east coast, a northern hemisphere kind of player exists as it tends to be a colder clime, whereas on the west coast there’s a huge Polynesian player base and a southern hemisphere-type player is abundant within the warmer weather conditions.”

Aspen Ruggerfest as host to teams from east, west , north an south give players and their teams the opportunity to get exposure to the different these styles of rugby and to open their eyes to the strengths and weaknesses of their approach to the game.

To read the full article go to  http://www.espn.co.uk/rugby/story/_/id/15040042/john-mitchell-column-learned-coach-usa-eagles